Parent L2C Pittsfield

I have been a part of Learn To Cope for 3 years. My family was directly affected by the disease of addiction and within a couple months I found the closest meeting in Worcester. We attended the weekly meetings in Worcester for over 9 months, without missing one week. The 1.5 hour drive each way was nothing compared to what we were being educated on each week. The people made us feel comfortable, cared for and gave us strength to make an educated and informed plan for how our lives would change forever. We acted fast as a family, became strong again learning how to take care of ourselves along the way, and built new beginnings living in a world of recovery. Learn To Cope is one of the major reasons for us having our family back together enjoying life and each other one day at a time. Said quite simply, Learn To Cope saved my family and continues to save many others.

I immediately needed to give back to Learn To Cope through helping others the way they helped me, so I became a facilitator. I have new amazing relationships with people who understand the disease of addiction. Through Learn To Cope education and training for facilitation I became a facilitator at the Worcester, Holyoke and currently at the Pittsfield meetings. Learn To Cope provided me the education, information and self-care I needed when in crisis. Today Learn To Cope provides me continuing education, information, self-care and the ability to hopefully make a difference in helping others.
Parent from Pittsfield Learn To Cope