Lisa and Doug

A few years ago my husband I started to come to Learn to Cope in Worcester. We walked into our first meeting exhausted, overwhelmed and filled with fear. As we sat there listening to others we realized we were not alone and most importantly there was hope for our loved one.   Through L2C we have gained such incredible support, guidance, and  knowledge. It is a place where we can share without ever being judged, and get suggestions on what might help to move our daughter forward. This group of beautiful friends has become our family, we are blessed to have them in our lives.  One of the greatest things we have learned is how to walk beside our daughter on this journey, not enabling her, but loving her every step of the way. We have learned to say “we will walk recovery, but cannot walk addiction”.  We have always felt that we will never be sorry as long as we act out of love. Our beautiful daughter has a disease, she is one of the strongest people we know, and we will always walk beside her loving her every step of the way.